Craziest Ways to Win Your Bet

5 Craziest Ways to Win Your Bet over Horse Racing

Craziest Ways to Win Your Bet

There is as such no fool proof strategy while betting on horses. Despite all your calculations and tips that authentic and professional betters spew out online, you may still lose your money. In fact, there is no guaranteed return on the money you wager and this is the reason there are more losers than winners in any kind of gambling. The very idea of doing what your tip master says is to minimize your risks of losing money yet in the end it is still a game of chance.

In this context, it is always better to bet without bothering about your money and think it all as a place for enjoyment only. In this way you spend your money as expenses for fun and recreation only. If you are still interested in betting on horses in order to make some money then you may find some great crazy ways to win without the fear of losing.

5 Crazy Ways to Bet and Win

Win Your Bet over Horse Racing


  1. Betting for Leisure

You bet on few races and not all with your mind having made up that what you are seeking is simple pleasure. This is the foremost win – win situation that you can make for yourself. Keep your thoughts to yourself and simply wager on races that on the periphery look quite all right for you. Here, you have no chances of winning according to expert tips that seem to speak thousand words, and yet who knows you may still win.

  1. Mark Your Horses as Lottery Tickets

When you purchase a lottery you know you are doing this to try out your luck. You then forget it till the date the announcement of win is declared online. Similarly, bet on less than three horses in a race and then wait for the result by enjoying the race. You may or may not win the bet yet you sure feel satisfied.

Wager On Races

Again, just like purchasing lotteries you shouldn’t put your money in an entire bunch of lotteries and so also in case of races. Never, put all your money on all horses for many races. Just do that for a few races only and see whether that day your luck has been fine or not.

  1. Check and Countercheck both Horse and Jockey

It is natural to be as crazy about the horse you like and so also the jockey Yet when you bet think it over in your mind. The horse may be in full form, but the experienced jockey may not in form. So why not try something entirely different. Bet on a horse and a jockey that are both medium as there are chances of good horse with a jockey not in form losing out on a race much to everyone’s surprise.

Horse Betting

You may have fair chance of winning the race which again may not turn out to be so yet sometimes in other bets it may give you wins.

  1. Wager little Amounts in Low Level Races

If you go through expert advices and tips then this is one place they would tell you to avoid. However, this is also one place where possibilities are more as there are no definite picture of a good horse and a good jockey here. Sometimes, the combinations may turn out to be right or wrong and even experienced players doing great deal of calculations do not know quite well how to bet in these races.

Go against the Racebook

You therefore wager little amounts and perhaps your chances of winning may be higher than the rest. This is one sure way to take chances. But never put all your money in one race or few races or you may turn broke.

  1. Go against the Racebook Most of the Time

Your luck may be good if you go against the racebook most of the time by wagering little by little of your money. Never put large amounts as stated earlier, but simply wait for your chance to win over a period of time. This is the coolest way to bet on horses and on the whole enjoying each moment of losses or wins.

If you play along with above crazy ideas by wagering little by little of your money then you will win in the end.

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