Stipendiary Stewards Inquiry – Jockey F Henrique

RACE-1 THE LYON RATING 45-0 (CLASS 4&5) 1200 METRES (101)

The Stewards inquired into an incident near the 350 metres where 7 On Purpose, 11 Deep Brother and 6 At Ease had be checked. Evidence was taken from the riders of 4 Express Pony (D Barros), 5 Mulan Go (H Lam), 6 At Ease (M Tanaka), 7 On Purpose (S Nakano), 10 Sheng Li Star (F Henrique) and 11 Deep Brother (C L Cheung). Jockey F Henrique the rider of 10 Sheng Li Star pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under MJC Rule 132 (i) in that near the 350 metres he failed to make sufficient effort to prevent his mount from shifting out when insufficiently clear of 7 On Purpose which had to be checked and lost its rightful running and in turn was taken out making contact with the hindquarters of 4 Express Pony, which became unbalanced. 5 Mulan Go which was following 7 On Purpose then had to be steadied and shifted out resulting in 11 Deep Brother having to be checked, which in turn shifted out resulting in 6 At Ease also having to be checked. Jockey F Henrique’s license to ride in races was suspended for a period of two racemeetings covering the meetings of Saturday, 30 January and Friday, 5 February 2021. In arriving at penalty the Stewards took into account Jockey F Henrique’s guilty plea, his disciplinary record and the severity of the interference. He was advised of his Right of Appeal.

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